Manual Disc Filters
All dripperline systems are strongly recommended to have a 120 mesh (130 micron) disc filter installed upstream of the dripperline. For Tiran dripline we recommend a coarser filter of 40-80 mesh. The filter protects the integral drippers from contaminants entering the system. In most cases a manual filter is installed.
TECHFILTER– Root Intrusion Prevention
The TECHFILTER incorporates a replaceable filter element embedded with Trifluralin. As water passes through this filter, a very low concentration of trifluralin (parts per billion) passes through the system. This technology provides very precise and even distribution of trifluralin throughout the dripperline. Once outside the dripper the trifluralin is immobile in soil, forming a barrier around the emitter diverting grass roots away.
This approach to root intrusion prevention eliminates skin irritation from chemical during installation, does not require that dripperline be stored out of the sun, and is indefinitely renewable as needed.
GreyWater Filter
Features and Benefits:
  • Unique 3 dimensional filter element to collect lint and hair from grey water while ensuring minimum cleaning required
  • Easy process to clean or replace element
  • Designed to be installed downstream of the GWDD
  • Filter comes with filter bracket to mount on wall and spanner for opening housing to clean/ replace element
  • Recommended to install Netafim DNL Valve upstream of filter as a quick relief valve to stop back pressure on pump if filter blocks.


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