Gravel Filters



Epoxy Coated Steel Media Filter tanks offer two inbuilt chambers for eGravel Filters content_2fficient filtration and back flush uniformity. The top chamber contains the gravel media and is separated from the bottom chamber by a layer of conical mushrooms. The mushroom design provides thorough backflushing with equal pressure throughout the entire sand media bed whilst preventing the gravel media from entering the bottom chamber. These systems are available in tank sizes from 12” (300mm) to 48” (1200mm) for durable and dependable operation. Gravel Media Systems are designed to be modular to cater for most flow requirements.
Gravel Filters are used from primary filtration of water from reservoirs, dams, open canals, rivers, sewage water and other types of contaminated water.
  • Up to 8 bar working pressure applications
  • Primary filter for water from open reservoirs and recycled water
  • Filtration of water contaminated with algae and other organic materials
Product Advantages
Simplistic design utilises very few moving parts – preventing sticking and sleeving
Double chambered filter design allows for efficient filtration and backflush uniformity
Mushroom design provides thorough backflushing with equal pressure – fluidising and efficiently cleaning the entire sand media bed
Multiple mushrooms provide uniform water collection and backflush
Large top and bottom access ports provide for easy acess to add or remove gravel media
Hydraulic diaphragm valve prevents valve failure and requires minimal maintenance



Inlet/outlet diameter
 Body diameter(inch)  Recommended
flow rate
(m 3/h)
Media weight
 1  12  5  42  60 0.14
 1.5  16  11  49 90   0.19
 2  20  18  70  120  0.31
 3  20  18  75  120  0.42
 2 24   24  90  210  0.60
 3  24  24  90  210  0.60
 3  30  30  135  270  0.70
 3  36  40 185 390   1.15
 4  48  80 310  690  1.90 


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