Control your field – master your business

Powered by NetBeat™, our NetMCU™ gives you total irrigation control, wherever you are. Create irrigation strategy, get real time recommendations and operate your field from the palm of your hand

  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Fits all farm sizes and complexities
  • Controls multiple main-lines
NetBeat NetMCU

What makes our NetMCU™ the number one choice for farmers worldwide?

  • The brain child of the world’s leading irrigation company and Israel’s cutting edge tech engineers
  • Military grade hardware meets Military grade technology: in cooperation with mPrest, the Iron Dome system developers
  • Never miss an upgrade: Over-the-air updates and maintenance
  • Designed with you in mind: Smart and simple interface
  • Always on: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular, LoRa radio connectivity

Why growers love NetMCU™?

  • Simple & Effective - Single Unit for irrigation & Dosing
  • Mobile and web remote control via Netbeat Cloud
  • User-friendly, multilingual interface
  • High resistance under all weather conditions
  • Can work online and independently (offline)
  • Supporting up to 256 valves
  • Modularity - Up to 8 tiles (DC latch, Analog in/out, ISM)
  • Backward compatible to existing portfolio and 3rd party components (sensors


NetBeat™ - The All-in-One Digital Farming Solution

Our advanced NetMCU™ is part of NetBeat’s comprehensive digital farming solution. NetBeat™ is the only irrigation and nutrigation management system that combines monitoring, decision support and control. 

Dynamic Crop Models™

Netafim’s Dynamic Crop Models™, part of the NetBeat™ offering, is a groundbreaking decision support system for growers, rich with over 50 years of unmatched agronomic knowledge and experience.


Netafim is the largest nutrigation solutions dosing systems provider. Learn how to grow better yields and save costs by delivering the right amount of nutrients directly to the plant.


NetRTU™ give farmers fast access to data and the power to operate irrigation in real time.


Powered by NetBeat™, NetMCU™ give farmers the power to plan their irrigation, gather data from sensors and get real time recommendations. All from the palm of their hand.

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