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HydroCalc Software

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About HydroCalc

HydroCalc is an online software tool for precision irrigation system designs. A user-friendly and easy to use platform for carrying out basic hydraulic calculations, HydroCalc enables designers, dealers and end users to evaluate the micro-irrigation performance of in-field components such as:

- Drip laterals and micro-sprinklers

- Sub-mains

- Main lines (e.g. PVC, PE)

- Valves

- Energy calculators


Web Application

To access the latest online version of HydroCalc click on the link below and ensure you are using Internet Explorer as your browser.

Access HydroCalc Online

Note the application is not recommended with other browsers (e.g. Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.).



Legacy Version

To download and use the legacy HydroCalc version on your local device (Windows 7 or older only) please follow the instructions below.

Note: to ensure you are using the latest version we recommend using the web application. 

Installation Instructions for Windows 7

1. Install HydroCalc in a folder outside the \Program Files folder (e.g. c:\Hydrocalc; c:\NetafimCalc)

2. Right-click on the Hydrocalc.exe file, set it to Windows XP compatible, and run as Administrator.

* At this stage The HydroCalc is not compatible with Windows 8.

Hardware/Software Recommendations

- Windows 95, 98, 2000 & XP

- Pentium 166MHz and above

- 15MB free disk space

Download HydroCalc Pro free

Download HydroCalc Pro free

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