Looking to increase profitability, sugarcane farmers are always after higher yields, higher sucrose content, extended ratoon life and lower operational costs.

That’s why, for more than 30 years, they’ve been switching to drip irrigation.

The challenge for sugarcane growers

Sugarcane yields react strongly to temperature, solar radiation and soil conditions.

Now, you can't control temperature or radiation in an open field. But if you’ve got a way to control every drop of water and dose of nutrients going into it – and you can apply both with precise timing – you’ll be able to grow higher and more uniform yields while increasing sucrose content and extending the life of your plantation.

How precision irrigation helps

Subsurface drip irrigation goes beneath the soil to deliver water and nutrients straight to the roots of each plant. So you can deliver water and nutrients directly to your crops, on demand.

In addition to increasing your annual yields, having the crop grow with perfect conditions of water and nutrients significantly extends ratoon life, giving you an average of eight to ten ratoons , and reaching in some cases as many as fifteen with high productivity.

Plus SDI fits into any plot, and can be applied to all topographies, field sizes and soil types. So you can maintain optimal soil moisture and nutrient levels, whatever your conditions.

And if you invest in digital controls for your system, you’ll be able to monitor and optimize and irrigate your cane remotely gaining data about every aspect of the field. So wherever you are, you can ensure high, top-quality yields every season, with less labor cost, and make bigger profits.

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Do you have more questions?

Do you have more questions?

Growers stories

Meet the people pioneering precision irrigation

Bruce Nicholson increased his cane yields by 50%
“What we’re achieving is a huge inspiration for anyone.”

Bruce Nicholson

Sugarcane, South Africa

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Drip as a delivery system for sugarcane

Drip as a delivery system for sugarcane

Netafim solutios for irrigated sugarcane

Netafim solutios for irrigated sugarcane

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