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Precision irrigation is about accuracy and efficiency. Simplify and streamline the design and management of your irrigation systems with our digital tools.


Netafim Evapotranspiration App

Knowing the ET or evapotranspiration value of your field gives you the exact information about your field's water consumption and irrigation needs. If you want to know how much water your crops need, you need to know the ET or evapotranspiration value of your field. ET is a value based on the amount of water that the plant consumes by transpiration along with evaporation from the soil. Altogether it represents the fields' water consumption and your irrigation needs.

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Netafim Evapotranspiration App
Sprinkler Design

The Smart Sprinkler System Designer

NetSpeX is a smart sprinkler system designer in your pocket

Not sure which sprinkler is optimal for your application? NetSpeX by Netafim makes designing and choosing your sprinkler system simple.


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The Smart Sprinkler System Designer

Intelligent design made easy

HydroCalc software


Model and analyse performance of in-field components (like dripperlines, laterals, micro-sprinklers, mainlines, sub-mains, valves and accessories), run your own hydraulic calculations and make changes on the fly with this easy-to-use software tool.

This powerful tool makes allows you to graphically demonstrate the calculations that underpin your precision irrigation systems.


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An irrigation expert in your pocket


Get daily and weekly irrigation scheduling programs based on in-field weather data, customized for your irrigation system, soil type and maize variety in a simple mobile app.

It’s an irrigation consultant in your pocket, helping you increase yields and improve maize quality in unpredictable conditions.


Design you can trust

Design all types of pressurised irrigation systems from concept to completion, with the global leader in irrigation design software. Delivering more design alternatives in less time, Irricad is the professional choice trusted by accredited irrigation designers around the world. 



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