When you’re irrigating orchards, vineyards and field crops on flat topographies with less than ideal water conditions, Aries™ driplines with extra-robust drippers can outlast any dripper in its category, giving you an irrigation system that works perfectly - season after season.


Why Aries™?

  • BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME: Withstands rigorous handling, environmental damage and high system pressure.
  • HARSH WATER, NO PROBLEM: Wide filtration area and large water passage ensures optimal irrigation performance even with poor water quality. 
  • UNIFORM CROP YIELDS: TurbuNext™ anti-clogging labyrinth prevents debris from forming in the dripper path, giving precise water and nutrient distribution.
  • FOR EVERY APPLICATION: Choose from a variety of flow rates, thicknesses or diameters that can address any need or application.

What Aries™ model suits your needs best?

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Need help finding the best product solution?

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