ET0 FOR ALL. Smart irrigation scheduling with real-time weather data from your field. 

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Precision irrigation feeds the plant, not the soil. That’s a big deal. Because when you deliver water and nutrients straight to the roots, you lower your costs. More importantly, you grow higher yields of healthier crops. Wherever you are, whatever your challenges. Scroll down to see three ways precision irrigation changes agriculture for the better.

Precision Irrigation solutions

Whatever you grow, we’ll help you grow more of it

Our products

Our products

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Every season is a race to grow higher yields with fewer resources. Browse our wide range of innovative products and tailor-made solutions and start optimising the use of your land, water and fertilisers. For higher and better yields, season after season. 

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Grow your success

When you need to plan and execute any agricultural project, any size anywhere, you’ll make bigger agricultural profits with the right partner by your side. So take advantage of our services – an effective combination of three core elements:

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Need help finding the best product solution?

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