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IRRICAD® is a stand-alone, graphically based, computer aided design package developed specifically for designing pressurised irrigation or water supply systems. IRRICAD is far more than a drawing package because it combines the advantages of CAD drawing with powerful hydraulic pipe sizing and network analysis techniques.

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Streamlined Irrigation Designs

The proven performance platform enables users to streamline irrigation designs and documentation workflows delivering more design alternatives in less time.

Bill of Materials 

Create a bill of materials for an entire design or any part of a design specified by you.

Effective Decision Making

Ability to create alternative combinations of designs to analyse and arrive at the most economical or practical solution.


IrriCad Training

Whether a novice or a seasoned design expert, Netafim offers a variety of training modules to match your individual level of knowledge. Courses run over two days where day one is aimed at beginners and day two focuses on advanced users. Participants can complete the full course or attend a single day that suits their experience.  

Trainer Profiles

Gennaro Vellotti

A highly respected and experienced precision irrigation designer, Gennaro brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding regarding the needs of irrigation design in Australia today. An integral member of the Netafim Design Team, Gennaro was heavily involved in the development of the IrriCad software making him one of the country’s foremost experts in the programme.  


Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

Need help finding the best solution for your farm?

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