Drip Line Recycling

Recycling Drip Line

Using Netafim drip line for irrigation is reliable, easy and convenient. With Netafim Recoil, disposing of used irrigation drip line in an environmentally responsible way is just as easy, reliable and convenient. At Netafim we adopt a triple-bottom line approach to our Corporate Social Responsibility. This is centralized around three core principles: People, Planet and Productivity.

Our Recoil, drip line recycling program addresses the supply chain sustainability needs of today’s growers. It is the most comprehensive drip line recycling service available on the market today and Netafim is the only drip irrigation manufacturer committed to offering a recycling service to our clients. Making it easier than ever to recycle ole drip line that is no longer required when our clients replace their old drip lines with a new Netafim irrigation product. It's all part of what we do to help Australian agriculture to GROW MORE WITH LESS™. 

Recoil Recycling
Recoil Recycling

Recoil Steps

The Recoil program is a simple 5-Step process to remove unwanted/used drip line from the field. While there are slight variations based on your location we have streamlined the process to make it easy, inexpensive and efficient for the good of our environment.

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Simple 5 Step Process

  The grower completes a Recoil Request Form.

  Netafim will arrange for one of our Recoil retrieval machines to the client's Netafim Dealer store.

  Using the Netafim Recoiler retrieval machine, the grower recoils the used or unwanted drip line.

  Once all the drip line is recoiled, Netafim will arrange for collection and transport to our recyclers.

  Netafim will provide a Certificate of Recycling once your drip line has been recycled.

Key Terms

  • Only valid for old drip line replaced with a new Netafim product.
  • On-farm collection for full loads only.
  • Recoiling must be done with Netafim retrieval machines.
  • Netafim subsidises hire and maintenance of our recoiling machines, freight and recycling.
  • Grower need to provide labour for recoiling drip line, as well as labour and resources for loading recoiled drip line.
  • Recoiling is to be in accordance with Netafim’s guidelines to avoid rejection of product by recyclers.

How Much Does It Cost?

Netafim is committed to offering a recycling service for the good of our growers and our environment, however there are significant costs involved in retrieving and recycling field-waste material. While Netafim subsidises the cost of the retrieval machinery, freight and recycling process, there is a small freight component that needs to be paid by the grower. Prices vary by region and are charged at cost, based on a per kilogram basis. For a list of prices please contact our Recoil Coordinator via email at or call +61(0)452 537 266.

Download Brochure, Guidelines & Retrieval Request Form

Netafim Recoil Brochure

Netafim Recoil Brochure

Recoil Guidelines Terms & Conditions

Recoil Guidelines Terms & Conditions

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