Drip irrigation

DripNet PC™

When you demand absolute irrigation uniformity in sloping terrain with the fastest possible ROI: DripNet PC™ is your answer. This pressure compensated dripperline gives you the perfect cost-performance ratio. No flow variation, no compromise.

Why DripNet PC™?

  • SUPERB ROI: Optimal balance of drip irrigation performance and budget - without compromising a drop on reliability or crop uniformity.
  • UNIFORM FLOW:  Pressure-compensated drippers deliver exactly the right amounts of water and nutrients to every plant in long runs and uneven topographies.
  • CLOGGING RESISTANCE: Continuous self-cleaning mechanism flushes out debris and prevents clogging throughout the crop lifecycle.
  • LONGER ROWS, LESS COST: Use fewer sub-mains and reduce installation costs while irrigating long laterals up to 500m.


What DripNet PC™ model suits your needs best?

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