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  • What is digital farming?

    The term ‘digital farming’ refers to technologies and trends being used to change the way growers control their farm operations and analyse their yield performance. It covers a broad range of areas such as soil sensing, irrigation control, farm management, machinery and crop lifecycle management.

    For instance, sensors showing growers new insights into soil conditions, yield performance and crop health. And automation making it easier to control crucial things like irrigation systems remotely, from your phone. 

  • What are the basic components of digital farming?

    There are many different digital farming products, each driven by the specific needs of growers around the world.

    For instance, there are products built to automate and increase the accuracy of water and nutrient delivery. There are products built to monitor and predict changing weather conditions. There are even products to track crop development and provide data-driven insights to optimise the growth cycle.

  • How can digital farming help me increase my yields?

    It all boils down to gathering all data streams (weather, soil, plant, irrigation system etc.), analysing them and taking optimal decisions. With digital farming, growers can optimise their irrigation strategies based on a constant flow of real-time data and Netafim's 50 years of agriculture and hydraulic know-how. Growing more with less has never been easier. In fact, the data-driven farmer is growing much more with even less.

  • How can digital farming help me improve crop quality?

    Crop quality depends on delivering the exact amount of water and nutrients according to the plant's needs. So in order to grow better quality, healthier crops, you need real-time accurate data and a super-precise irrigation system that controls every drop of water and dose of nutrients for each plant. With digital farming you can remotely monitor in-field conditions to make fast decisions that improve crop quality.

    The combination of precision irrigation and precision fertilization is huge. Add in the granular insights of every crop and you’re on to something big. 

  • Will digital farming help me cut costs?

    Digital farming is already helping millions of growers around the world to reduce their costs in big ways.

    For instance, automated irrigation scheduling will mean you don’t need people to move around the farm turning valves manually. And you’ll do fewer routine patrols, as you’ll be monitoring every crop from your phone.

    And in-field sensors give you the plant's exact needs and therefore help save water and fertigation.

  • Is digital farming easy? 

    Much easier than many realise. In fact, once you’re using digital farming, it becomes hard to imagine not using all the data and automation. 

    For instance, you won’t have to make lengthy calculations for water and nutrient usage anymore – it’ll all be calculated and delivered automatically. And you won’t have to take detailed field data notes for crop consultants to review at a later stage – you’ll have one-touch data sharing. Netafim's state-of-the-art digital farming systems are designed to make life easier. That's why our sensors and controllers are designed with a user-friendly approach and are easy to use and to install.

  • What type of grower will benefit most from digital farming?

    All kinds. Digital farmers can achieve consistent gains every season no matter their climate, crop, location or soil type. 

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