Netafim is proud to introduce NetaJet 4G

Suitable for greenhouses and net houses in both soil and soilless media, NetaJet 4G features a unique analog dosing valve to ensure highly-accurate and reliable EC/pH control. Scroll down to learn more. ↓

super precise

Bringing Nutrigation™ precision to a new level

Consumers want better-looking and tastier fruits and vegetables, more variety, and higher quality.

To meet these higher standards, farmers need greater control over the development of their crops. It’s not enough to be precise; they need to be super precise.

Enter NetaJet 4G, the industry’s most advanced dosing system.

Bringing Nutrigation – nutrient irrigation – precision to a new level, NetaJet 4G enables growers to meet today’s higher market standards and consumer demands.

Key features

  • Highly-accurate precision in minimum time
  • Smooth and stable hydraulic operation
  • Quick attainment of EC/pH set point
  • Up to 8 dosing channels
  • Short stabilization time and Nutrigation cycles
  • Higher and better yields


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NetaJet 4G - The transformation to the age of super-precise dosing

Implementing NetaJet 4G in a 40 hectare pepper farm in Mexico, we've witnessed how NetaJet™ 4G helped transforming farmers to the age of super-precise dosing. Watch this video below to learn how.

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